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When a lawyer is called, it is my belief that one is looking for legal guidance to help their specific situations. As such, I take great pride helping each client navigate our confusing legal system. I represent individuals seeking Social Security, Veterans’ Disability and Bankruptcy. I also represent individuals from the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area seeking representation in Family, DUI/DWI and Immigration law.

I am here to help you with the following legal issues:

  1. Social Security Disability If you live in Dallas- Fort Worth, East or North Texas and find yourself unable to work anymore because of physical or mental problems, Dallas- Fort Worth social security disability lawyer Iftin Mohamed will represent you, so you will not have to fight the Social Security Disability Administration alone. I handle the following: Initial Denial, Reconsideration, Administrative Law Hearing, and Appeals Council.
  2. Veterans’ Disability Hiring an attorney early in the VA appeal process allows the veteran a better opportunity to present a well-developed claim-file supporting the veteran’s claim. Contact me today if you need a registered Veterans’ Disability Attorney in the Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex area.
  3. Immigration  (work visas, Family Based Petitions (I 30 etc.), VAWA, Green Card, Asylum and, Refugee Applications). Immigrating to the United States may seem dauntless. I can help.
  4. Family Law (Divorce, Custody, Pre-martial agreements) you need representation from an attorney who cares. Contact me today if you reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex area.
  5. DUI/DWI Do not face a charge of DUI/DWI alone. I handle cases in the Dallas-Fort- Worth Texas area.
  6. Bankruptcy (Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and, Debt consolidation) charges. Starting over can be a difficult time. Contact me to start the process in rebuilding your future if you reside in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex area.


If you are facing any of the above legal matters, please call or email my office and set up a free initial phone consultation.

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