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Trying to determine whether or not you qualify for Veterans’ benefits can be a daunting task. The VA Administration uses a two-step system to determine a ratings decision. The two main factors are:

  • Whether the condition (s) is/are related to military service.
  • What percentage will be assigned or what rating will be assessed to determine the severity of the claimed conditions.

In addition to the monetary award, certain percentages also establish entitlement to various other benefits.This is just a  list of the main benefits. There are additional benefits that you may be entitled to. If you have been denied Veterans’ Benefits or you believe the percentage allocated to your claim is too low, please give us a call today or fill out the contact form. We step in to ensure your rights are protected.
Certain percentages can also have an effect on entitlement to certain Veterans Health Administration benefits:

VHA Medical Treatment

A veteran may receive medical treatment for any of his / her service-connected disabilities regardless of the rating percentage assigned. A service-connected rating of 50 percent or more, or are determined to be unemployable due to their service-connected disabilities qualifies a veteran to treatment for any condition at a VA Medical Center whether or not the treated condition is service-connected. Additionally, the veteran is eligible for enrollment in VHA Priority Group 1 where co-payments for treatment or prescriptions are waived.

VA Fee Basis Outpatient Medical Treatment

In some cases the VAMC may not have necessary care and / or services available at their location to treat a service-connected condition. The VA may authorize veterans to receive treatment at a private health care facility in this case, or if the veteran is unable to travel the distance to the VA health care facility. Fee basis can pay for many treatments a veteran needs as long as it is related to a service-connected condition. In the case of special circumstances and with prior authorization, they may also pay for non service-connected care.

Eligibility for Dental Care

Dental treatment is available for service-connected dental conditions. For veterans who are rated at 100 percent are eligible to receive all dental treatment at a VA Medical Center regardless of service-connection status of the dental condition.

Eligibility for Sensor neural Aids

The VAMC will provide hearing aids, eyeglasses, and contact lenses whether the condition causing the vision and / or hearing loss is service-connected or not.

Eligibility for Long-Term VA Nursing Home Care for Any Condition

All Veterans enrolled in the VA Health Care system are eligible for long-term VA Nursing Home care. Various rating percentages will establish different levels of care and payment coverage. For a more detailed account of these benefits please visit

Clothing Allowance

The VA Medical Center provides a yearly monetary benefit to veterans with a service-connected condition that requires the use of a prosthetic or orthopedic appliance or topical prescribed medications that lead to additional wear and tear on clothing. There is no minimal service-connection percentage rating necessary to determine eligibility.

Beneficiary Travel

The VAMC will reimburse you at a designated rate per mile for your transportation to and from VA facility or VA authorized health care facility with regards to your service -connected disability.

This is just a generalized list of the main benefits. There are additional benefits that you may be entitled to. If you have been denied Veteran’s Benefits, please give me a call .

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